Mission Statement

COVIDLESS Workplace Services is dedicated to helping your business stay open with confidence during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will work with you directly to ensure a safe working environment by following federal and local health safety guidelines.

Founded in the Spring of 2020, COVIDLESS™ Workplace Services LLC is the result of medical professionals, business executives, and certified engineers collaborating to help businesses answer the call of putting your workforce back into action.

“Leveraging COVIDLESS® Dr. Linda Nabha’s extensive Infectious Prevention expertise supported by experienced business management consultants in operation management can ensure the pragmatic approach to delivery of flexible & safe guidance and practices that minimizes risks across all facets of “back to business.”

About Our Team

We are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds; we have decided to combine our experiences to establish COVIDLESS Workplace Services to help your business stay COVIDLESS. Our team includes business, marketing, technology experts as well as one of the top infectious disease experts in the Washington DC area.  We hold COVID-19 Contact Tracing Certificates from the Johns Hopkins University and we have conducted various global webinars on its impact.

Dirar Hakeem

Dirar has over 30 years of business and technical experience, including leadership, management, and technical roles. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the George Washington University. During his career, he has worked for small and large companies both domestically and internationally including tenure at prestigious Fortune 500 companies such as MCI, KPMG, and IBM. For the last 10 years, he has a track records of starting multiple successful ventures in US Government contracting and innovative technologies.

Dr. Linda Nabha

Dr. Nabha is a board-certified Infectious Diseases Physician and is a Washingtonian Magazine Top Doctor. She has worked at the National Institutes of Health in the division of Allergy and Immunology. She has published research on internal medicine and infection associated disorders in numerous peer-reviewed and academic journals. Dr. Nabha is also an On-Air Medical Correspondent for Washington DC area CBS affiliate, WUSA. Dr. Nabha will work on ensuring that our staff, procedures, and client recommendations are compliant with all established guidelines around COVID-19.

Woody Tanos

Woody has 25 years of experience in business, technology and C-level executive positions with Fortune 500 companies. A Systems Engineering graduate from the USA, and Executive Leadership and Strategic Management Certificate from Cornell University, USA. Woody has also extensive Industry experiences in Covid-19 Contact Tracing, Facilities Management, Telecommunication Networking, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Business Operations and Management, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Privacy Protection.

Marc Elie

Marc is enrolled in the Business Information Technology program at Virginia Tech. Marc has two years of online promotional experience including creating online ads, social media promotions and creative design.

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